Etudes x Gus Van Sant Collaboration

Études x Gus Van Sant

At times, how meaning does not thrive within an outlined purpose but within existence itself. Days, lived as an entire day. Its forthcoming histories, merely a matter of the past, where bodies once again move like bodies. Their intention, aimless and anywhere. They are alive. Because freedom can also last inside people. When boundaries depart, and there’s just growing elsewhere. Outside others, how existing inside oneself can also be about that. About everything. 

Études is pleased to introduce a new AW17 collaboration with director Gus Van Sant—a sweatshirt, featuring the film poster of Mala Noche—paying homage to the moments that aren’t about plans and their desired outcome, but about moments that continue organically from one minute to the next. Instants of spontaneity, carrying all types of possibilities and impossibilities at once. Portraying life in its genuine beauty of chaos and unpredictability, a self-portrait of what it means to stay awake, night and morning.