Études x Fido Dido collaboration

Études x Fido Dido

Fido Dido was co-created in New York in 1985 by two young artists Sue Rose and Joanna Ferrone. It started with an after work drink and a doodle on the napkin. The character was developed further with the idea that no one, living or drawn, should be controlled, and that “you are what you are, and that’s okay”. Ferrone and Rose began with T-shirts and posters as well as late night installations around the city where anyone from club kids to the homeless could experience Fido. This juxtaposition of cultures solidified Ferrone’s idea that Fido Dido is an exclusive club that anyone can join. After that, Fido developed a mind of its own, becoming an international sensation and an icon of pop culture.

Études Studio has always felt a close connection to Fido Dido. Artistically speaking, there was a strong attraction to Fido’s graphic contours and their ability to adapt to many things. For Études Studio, Fido Dido always held a certain degree of street credit due to his carefree, easygoing attitude and for his representation of universality.

From the No. 7 collection presented in January surrounded by the idea of “Day to Day” and takeaway culture, and Fido Dido’s notorious collaborations with PepsiCo’s 7-Up, there is the creation of a harmonious counterbalance reflecting the moments of relaxation in the express culture that we live in.

The concept of the garments draws from Fido’s carefree and simplistic mentality, which is expressed through the selection of soft cottons and locally sourced jacquard fabrics. The collection stays with Fido’s iconic interchangeable black and white color way, which is utilized through t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts and oversized tops.