Études x Dike Blair collaboration

Études x Dike Blair

The New York-based artist Dike Blair has been creating gouaches paintings since the mid 80s, still lifes that detail diaristic settings, like that of a bar scene: cigarettes, resting in an ashtray; a Coca Cola can, waiting to be finished. The by-now iconic pieces convey memory as something personal yet also universal, documenting a plethora of meaning that perhaps most of all suggests the matter of time. How we live and how we forget, and how—in the end—we always remember.

For our upcoming season AW17, Études decided to join forces with the artist, coupling a part of the new collection with Blair’s Untitled (1992). This special collaboration particularly wishes to meditate those sometimes beautifully mundane moments of living, the component of (the many) things that make all of this worthwhile and becoming.