Études x Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

For the Spring-Summer 2023 collection, Études invited French visual artist Jean-Baptiste Bernadet to experiment with the garment as a new medium. Driven by the sensory quality of the surface and a romantic ethos, the Brussels-based colorist creates atmospheric artworks that seamlessly blend elements of the natural world with human perception and the psyche. Through an abstraction of the landscape and a unique approach to color, Bernadet's paintings evoke a diffuse impression where the overlay of matter induces the dissolution of hues.

With the periphery as its key seasonal theme, Études N°21 collection focuses on this particular urban area: a meeting space where the industrial zone borders a natural environment reclaiming its rights. In the continuity of this idea, we find two of Bernadet's paintings interpreted as all-over prints for this capsule. One seems to echo the luminous rainbow shades of gasoline slicks or stratospheric clouds, while the other appears to conjure up dark oxidized metal or magma awakening under volcanic soil. Between scientific image and impressionism, these two abstractions invite the imagination to roam free between what we see and what we believe.

Composed of eight cotton pieces, this tailoring-inspired wardrobe presents a loose-fitting utility jacket and a blazer with raw edge patches, straight and oversized shirts, as well as cargo pants and shorts. This urban-flair capsule creates a sense of chromatic hypnosis as if retinal persistence became wearable psychedelic landscapes.